Tuesday, December 22, 2015

We Have to Believe #KidsDeserveIt via @benjamingilpin

Today's guest post is from Ben Gilpin. Ben is a Principal in Michigan.

"The future belongs to
those who believe in the
beauty of their dreams"
- Eleanor Roosevelt

Didn't they know I was right behind them?  Weren't they aware that I was "one" of them?  

I stood behind the golf cart and proceeded to clean the clubs of two male members at our local country club.  As I scrubbed the clubs clean I couldn't help but overhear the conversation that was occurring.  "The future is bleak!  Kids nowadays have no respect!" stated the driver.  The passenger jumped in, "Just yesterday I walked into the grocery store and two teenagers had headphones on and you could hear the music.  They'll be deaf by the time they're 30!"  The banter went back and forth for several minutes.  It was clearly evident that they believed the future was in rough hands.

I was right behind them.  Did they not care?  

Years later I hear the same conversations from my generation.  I hear adults talk about kids having their faces in a device.  I hear the obsession with Minecraft.  I hear the negative talk about how the future is in terrible hands.

I choose to Believe in a different future.

As a teeenager I was part of a group that took food to needy families.  I watched many of my friends step-up and support others.  I saw a bright future.

Now as an adult I see more quality than ever before.  I met a group of young ladies that were working on a variety of projects.  They ranged from knitting mittens for the homeless to collecting books for low income families.  

I choose to Believe.  

Every generation believes they are the best.  I'm hear to say, "My hope is that the next generation far exceeds us."  

Let's stop the negative talk about the next generation.  

I challenge you...
  • If you don't like it, do something about it.  
  • If you believe it is really that awful, go check out some of the kids in the National Honor Society.
  • If you fear for the future, it is time to understand that it doesn't have to be the same as it was for us.
  • If you think the world is crumbling, just google Kid Heroes.
I Believe the future is in good hands.  The next generation will be full of people that challenge norms, think creatively and see past the barriers that future generations have put in place.

If you need more proof that we are in good hands, just check out this 3 minute video.

I Believe in our kids.  I dream of a bright future.  I know that #KidsDeserveIt and that they deserve to have adults support them in being the best they can be.  Will you Believe?

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