Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Play Your Sound #KidsDeserveIt

Do you have a sound for your school? Do you play it for students and teachers? Are you nervous or afraid people will give you 'that' funny look? That look that can stop you in your tracks and make you think twice.  Make you doubt.  

Are you really worried what others will think? You may have that new sound your school community is looking for, play it loud and proud, see what happens!  As educators we can’t let fear drive our decisions.  We have to continually find ways to step outside our comfort zones and share our genius with our students and allow them to share theirs!

You know your school. You know your students. You have your finger on the pulse of what's needed!  Let’s get creative!

This summer at NAESP changed our viewpoint on many levels. We met some amazing people face to face that we’ve known for quite some time through Social Media. We also had Erik Wahl as our keynote speaker! Erik reminded us that we all have creativity within us.  It isn’t something we’re born with.  It’s something we have to continually work at. We all have the ability to reawaken that creative spirit that probably thrived as a child. We all have a sound!

Educators (all of us!) - It's our job to build an #educampfire of creativity for our students, staff and parents. Albert Einstein would sit on a favorite park bench when he was searching for ideas, he'd also go sailing because it allowed his mind to wander and find his creative space. He was looking for his sound because he wanted to play! Take pride in the fact that people may give you that ‘alien’ look, it means you have new and original ideas.

Spread the innovation!
Creative learning opportunities!
Introduce new ideas!
Connect with kids and teachers, you never know what new idea will inspire them.

How will you help your school community to find their creativity so they're awesome for kids? Play your sound. If you need to, go find your sound. Share your sound. Tune your sound throughout the year. Ask others to help you develop or find a sound. Record your sound for everyone to hear. Share your sound with others so you're sound grows!

If you get the alien look, take it as a badge of honor and continue to inspire those around you.

And don’t forget to share your stories. Use the hashtag #KidsDeserveIt to share how you’re connecting, and inspiring others with creative ideas! You can also follow @KidsDeserveIt to continue connecting with us and subscribe to our Remind class with this link! You can also connect with us on Voxer! Our voxer handles are techninjatodd and awelcome

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