Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Stop Saying N0 - Unleash Creativity #KidsDeserveIt

No.  One simple word can destroy creativity.  Can slow innovation.

But it’s a word we use often. It’s also a word we hear too often. And sometimes, those of us in places of power, use it most.

- We hear something that scares us, and we say no.
- We get asked to step outside our comfort zone, and we say no.
- A student/staff member wants to step out and take a risk, and we say no.
- Or it’s something we don’t understand or haven’t heard about, so we say no.
- Do you say no before even asking a question? Being even getting clarification?
- Are you saying no even though you see passion and innovation in the eyes of the person you're talking with?

Why? Fear, complacency, jealousy, and so much more. Those emotions drive us to sometimes say no just out of spite. If you’re a leader and have that decision making capability, don’t you trust your people? Encouraging other ideas builds leadership within your team! You shouldn’t be the treasure chest for all innovation and creativity in your school or district, there’s so much brilliance out there waiting to be harnessed!

 We believe that there comes a point where we have to stop saying no. How else are we going to push innovation and cultivate creativity? Our team and our students have to know that pushing conventional thinking is ok. That doing something outside the norm can yield great results. If you always so no, your people will start shutting down their creative mojo.

We must take off the training wheels, let your people ride!

If all we say is no, we’re never going to bring about real and lasting change.

Let the leash go, trust your people to make the best decisions for kids and not run off.

Now this isn’t saying we should say yes to everything. By no means. But maybe next time someone wants to try something new….instead of jumping straight to “no”....maybe we can take just a few extra minutes and consider, if instead maybe we should say yes.

Unleash their creativity and see what awesome happens! Please don’t lead in fear! You shouldn’t have full control, farm out the decision making process - Your organization will be stronger if you do!

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