Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Importance of Being Visible #KidsDeserveIt

When adults make school fun, we tear down walls - We build connections -  We make people smile - We make people want to work harder for the organization - We build leaders in both kids and adults!

Get out there and be visible, be fun, your community wants to connect with you!

Just the act of “being seen” can make dramatic change.  Far too often we’ve heard from teacher after teacher say things like “I never know when my principal is on campus” or “My admin only comes in my room when I’m being evaluated”.

When did this happen?  When did this become the “norm” for education?

We believe it’s time to change that.  We believe that it is extremely important for principals to be visible and engaged with their students and staff every single day.

How can you do that?  Here’s some of our favorite ways to stay visible….

  • Stop by each classroom at least once per day
  • Read to classes on a regular basis
  • Serve morning/afternoon car duty
  • Be spontaneous, raise some eyebrows, make everyone smile
  • Serve lunch duty
  • Go play at recess, all-time quarterback and kickball are two favorites
  • Attend PE/Music/Art class
  • Run the mile in PE with kids - if we’re asking them to run, you should as well
  • Stand in the hallways during class changes
  • Give high-fives
  • Give fist bumps
  • Sit on the carpet during circle time, get on their level
  • Make positive phone calls home

There are so many ways that administrators can choose to be present.  But the fact of the matter is, it’s still a choice.  A choice we have to make.

Do you want to move your school? Do you want to innovate and spark creativity? What’s your plan? Where are you going?

You can’t know where you need to go, unless you know where you already are. Feel the pulse of your school and set the tone!

You can’t build relationships if you’re not present. You can’t connect with students from your office.  If you’re not involved. If you don’t know the students’ and staff members names.

Be the point guard, put the ball in motion, make plays happen, lead your team!

What are your top ten ways to be visible for kids?

So take the time today to make yourself more visible, to get more involved. Because it really can make all the difference, and our Kids Deserve It.

And don’t forget to share your stories. Use the hashtag #KidsDeserveIt to share how you’re connecting, and inspiring others with creative ideas! You can also follow @KidsDeserveIt to continue connecting with us and subscribe to our Remind class with this link! You can also connect with us on Voxer! Our voxer handles are techninjatodd and awelcome

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