Saturday, July 11, 2015

Vox Me Maybe - Share Your Voice #KidsDeserveIt

Voice Is Powerful and People Are Listening


Ok, so you’ve been connecting. You’ve been on Twitter. You’re sharing your ideas, interacting with others, learning tons! But now what? What do you do when you want to have conversations with others you’ve met online, but 140 characters just won’t cut it? What about when you become really passionate about something and you don’t want your ideas to get misinterpreted through text?

In the last couple of years we’ve begun connecting with others using a tool called “Voxer”. The easiest way to describe Voxer is like your virtual walkie-talkie.

Here’s what Superintendent Joe Sanfelippo (out of Wisconsin) has to say about Voxer! The more we interact with others online, the more we’ve found the need to flesh out our ideas more clearly, through actual conversations.

Just as Twitter made everyone so easily accessible, Voxer does the exact same thing.

You need to be on tools like Voxer so that you can begin to have those more in-depth and necessary conversations to push our practices and thinking. Because we all know that Kids Deserve It.

Why Voxer? 

- It allows you to communicate without the constraints of 140 characters.
- You can listen to Voxes whenever the time allows. It’s an incredibly easy tool to communicate with co-workers and groups of people.
- Allows you the opportunity to discuss more complex ideas with others from around the globe at a moments notice.
- You can save, share, and re-listen to a Vox at any time.
- Easy way to communicate while at conferences, it’s the ultimate private backchannel!
- Easily share text, videos, photos, location, and more!
- Can “leave” a Voxer group at any time!

So what’s next?  We wrote this post in hopes that you could download the PDF found here, print it out or email it, and give it to your colleagues. Let’s get everyone connected so we can all learn and grow together, because the Kids Deserve It.

- People want to connect
- People want to hear your voice and energy
- People want to be inspired
- People want to grow
- People want to take a risk
- People want to learn from you
- People are out there to listen
- People don’t get on Voxer to talk to themselves
- Connect with other educators to help make all kids future ready!
- Amazing people are on Voxer, you should be too Voice Is Powerful and People Are Listening

Here’s what Lead Learner Tony Sinanis (out of New York), has to say about Voxer And don’t forget to share your stories. Use the hashtag #KidsDeserveIt to share how you’re connecting, why you use Voxer, and what you’re doing to get others connected. You can also follow @KidsDeserveIt to continue connecting with us and subscribe to our Remind class with this link! You can also connect with us on Voxer! Our voxer handles are techninjatodd and awelcome

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