Monday, July 13, 2015

What If All Schools Were Like This?! #KidsDeserveIt

What if this happened in all schools? A teacher or Principal comes with an idea, they grab their students and boom, try something new, just like that.

How about the flip side, a student comes to school with an idea for something awesome, and the teacher or Principal runs with the idea, just like that?

Why not? Isn’t that Common Core? Collaboration and Communication!

Learning doesn’t always have to be planned out or prepared for. Learning shouldn’t just be restricted to the classroom either, don’t let it stop once kids leave for the day. There are so many opportunities that we are given to have learning exist in those randomly inspired moments.

The question is, will you take the leap? Creativity is not something any of us are born with. Creativity is something that has to be worked at, practiced, and developed.

But imagine, as a child, that environment that you could walk into daily. An environment where you never knew what exciting thing was going to take place because you knew creativity ruled. You knew imagination ignited ideas. You knew that your ideas were just as valued as the adults in the building. What if each day was #geniushour and we took off the training wheels and saw how far everyone could go?!

Isn’t this the modern workforce? Does anyone go to work and not have anything spontaneous happen? Our jobs as Principals are never scripted, who goes to work and doesn’t have something unplanned happen to them every single day?

Educators truly do have the responsibility of building an environment of excitement, creativity, and value. We can’t be afraid of stepping out on a limb to try something new. Yes, sometimes the limb will break and we have to try something else, but maybe it won’t. Maybe we’ll create something totally brand new that will ignite a blaze within our school.

- Don’t wait to listen for a new idea from a student, ask them!
- Ordinary behavior breeds ordinary actions, spontaneity and creativity can make magic happen!

Our Kids Deserve us striking the match and starting a fire of something new. Something unexplored. Something unexpected. Our schools deserve it, our community deserves it, and our Kids Deserve It. 

What are you waiting for?

- Go big
- Be creative
- Chart new waters
- Take a risk
- Be more awesome than you were yesterday
- Kids Deserve It!

Do Something Nobody Expects


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