Thursday, August 13, 2015

What’s Your One Wish For Education Because #KidsDeserveIt

Every one of us has a dream.  We all have an ultimate wish.  Whether that be in our personal lives or as it ties into our career of education.  As administrators, we dream too.  We have hopes for our school, students, teachers, family, community.  We envision the perfect way of doing things.

Todd’s One Wish:
When Adam and I started talking about what our one wish for education would be, I didn’t hesitate on mine.  Growing up in school, I never really connected with too many of my teachers.  I never really felt like it was a place that I belonged or was needed.  I showed up, did my work, got in trouble a few times, then I headed home.  I knew the school game, and I played it well.

I knew I wanted to be a teacher from a young age.  It wasn’t because I loved teaching, but more so because I loved working with kids.  I wanted to change lives, and I felt like teaching was the perfect way to do that.

As I entered the classroom on my first day of teaching, I could feel the potential that sat before me. But at the same time I noticed disconnect, pain, resentment, some excitement, and a mirade of other emotions from my students.  And I knew from that moment I wanted to be an educator who focused on the emotional just as much as the academic.

As the years have gone by, and as I’ve stepped into administration, that love of mine has only grown. My one wish is that every single child who enters the walls of our school leave knowing that they are worthy, valued, and that they matter.  That they know they have their own unique genius and it deserves to be celebrated.

Our campus, has taken that mantra and run with it.  From the inspiration of Angela Maiers, we make it a point to focus on two words at our campus; You Matter.  For so many of the students we serve, the school is their only source of stability and safety.  I love Nicholas Ferroni’s quote, “Students who are loved at home, come to school to learn, and students who aren’t, come to school to be loved.”  That couldn’t be more true.

I pray every night, that the campus I work on is one that if filled with laughter, love, forgiveness, understanding, fresh starts, new beginnings, hard work, compassion, passion, excitement, and so much more.  It’s a wish, but it’s not unattainable.  And I will work every single day that I can for even one child.  Because in the end it only takes one person to change a life.

Adam’s One Wish:
Equity for all students, in all schools has always been a wish of mine. I’m not just talking about one facet of equity, I want it for all, for each and every kid!

Awesome teachers - Engaged Administrators - Relevant Technology - Plenty of Supplies - Healthy Food - Clean and Updated Facilities

When I was a teacher it first started to bother me. I’d take my class outside after lunch to read in the grass, other teachers would put the cassette tape in and have the machine read to their kids. Students would walk by us while my class was lounging in the grass reading their books ever so intently.

“Mr. Welcome, could you ask my teacher to bring us outside to read, please?”

We’d have the Mayor come visit, the Police Chief, our class went to the Specialized headquarters on Bike to Work Day for a special visit.

It felt like the NBA draft at times, kids would ask to be ‘picked’ for my class next year. Were my test scores awesome? I don’t know, but we did have huge KDI factor, and kids wanted to be at school! (Kids Dig It)

As Principal I’ve always wanted it. The best teachers! The most engaged parents on PTA! The best Professional Development for staff. Technology in the hands of kids, 1:1 school wide. But I also want all this for every other child as well! How can we make that happen?

Of course I really can’t, but that’s my wish! Every student has the right to be excited for school, be cared for and encouraged by teachers, have all the technology and professional development that goes along with it - just like the school across town!

It’s up to us. To encourage our colleagues, to advocate for students, to not think just about our school but the entire village that is your district. I want it for kids, because they deserve it. They deserve what every other student has. It’s not their decision where they live, or go to school or the teacher they have.

Please, take it upon yourself to encourage a colleague. Talk with a school board member or local politician. Make it happen for ALL kids, they’re our most precious commodity!

So, after sharing our wish, we ask, “What’s Your One Wish?”  Don’t be afraid to dream wildly, because Margaret Mead says it best, “Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world, when indeed, it’s the only one that ever has”.  Take a few minutes today to jot down a few of your wishes and share them with us in the comments below or on twitter using the #KidsDeserveIt hashtag.  Let’s dream big and share our ideas with each other. Who knows, maybe your one wish will inspire someone else!

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  1. I wish for a library that's clean. That has current books. That has the latest technology. That was on a flexible schedule so that I could collaborate with teachers easier & offer times for classes to come in and do research guided by their teacher and a library (it is our specialty!). That was open at least once a week during the summer. That lead more PD's for the teachers. That had shelves that weren't old as the hills. That had lots of book clubs. Oh my wishes runneth over!

  2. My wish for my students is that they realize they do have a voice that should be heard. I hope they know how important what they have to say is to me and how I want them to share it with the world. They are the future and I know they will do great things if they just believe in themselves.